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The most comprehensive
Stem cell therapy in Mexico.

17+ years developing stem cell techniques with
Dr Gustavo Andrade


we deliver stem cells right at the central nervous system

STEM CELLS FOR anti-aging

beautiful aging should start from the inside


see how mauricio went back to running


mesenchymal stem cells can regenerate shoulder joints

Dr. Gustavo Andrade


I Am dr. andrade

With 17+ years of stem cell therapy expertise, I have helped to regenerate over 307 patients, from knee pain to multiple sclerosis. In the constantly changing field of stem cells, it is my mission to provide you with all the necessary tools your body needs to regenerate, from the beginning to the end.

Why is this the most comprehensive stem cell therapy in Mexico?

We treat your whole body
much more than just stem cell therapy


We will look deep in to the root cause and focus on what most of the doctors disregard (we may include multiple professionals depending on your needs).

2) stem cells

We use your own stem cells as the base therapy (2 treatments included), but some times we boost your healing by adding extra stem cells from our trusted laboratory.


Sadly, most of the clinics just treat you and then you are all alone. Here, the stem cell therapy is just the beginning of your healing journey, and we will walk it together.

Some Feedbacks

What PEOPLE are saying

"With the stem cell therapy I have been able to go back to my normal routine. Anyone who is suffering from knee pain, I recommend it 100%."
Mauricio M.
Knee Pain
"I recover muscle strength because I don't suffer from the same nerve fatigue as I did before. Stem cell therapy gave me the chance I needed"
Hilary S.
Multiple Sclerosis
"With just one stem cell therapy, my knee improvement was 95%, and my shoulder is 100%. The next winter I was snow skiing and felt great"
Kevin W.
Shoulder and Knee Pain
"When I went into the restroom, for the first time I saw that those corner tops were red, I never realized they were red before, so I can see color much better now."
Patty J.
Partial Blindness
"If you could go for this alternative other than a surgery, I would highly recommend stem cells. Now I can lift my shoulder and bring it around."
Amanda W.
Shoulder Pain
"My family was all affected by Lyme disease. From the first time, there was increase in energy. The staff has been absolutely wonderful, gracious, and patient. "
Nicolette L.
Lyme Disease
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