I'm Dr Gustavo Andrade,

I'm Dr. Gustavo Andrade, a stem cell therapy expert for the last 15 years. Founder of XTEMCELL - helping people from all over the world recover from diseases beyond help and, after some years of practice, I experienced the miracle of stem cells in myself. This is my story...

In 2012, I had a terrible stroke that left me paralyzed from the left half of my body, and I could not walk or move my left limb, not even a bit. After 20 days, I asked my own stem cell doctors’ team to use the stem cell therapy I developed.

I have a great small group of doctors, brilliant and highly skilled, that has helped me with most of my patients since I started developing this technique: an anesthesiologist, a surgeon, a general doctor, and me.

Immediately after I was treated with stem cells, I started to recover the function of my hand and legs. It was a great moment when I experienced the joy that my patients feel after getting the therapy. It was a beautiful moment.

Since then, every time a patient thank me for the results, I really understand their joy and receive it with great honor. I still get chills every time a patient walk, see or move again.

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My mission is to help people without hope
to recover from diseases beyond help.

– Dr. Gustavo Andrade del Cid