Advanced . Natural . Safe

Hard combination. We made it possible!

Whether you have a neurodegenerative disease, chronic condition or joint pain, this is the place where you will find an advanced, safe and natural stem cell approach to begin your regeneration. Your own stem cells healing yourself!

Our Why

People from all over the world desperately need a therapy that works for a broad range of devastating diseases which leave the patient with very few options. What is even worse is that these options often come with multiple secondary effects.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with hope, regeneration and health through our safe and highly effective stem cell therapies in order to release your own self-healing ability.

Our Focus

is to regenerate, repair and rejuvenate your lost, damaged and disfunctional cells with a safe, advanced and natural approach.

in every treatment, you will get…

Dr Andrade’s unique stem cell protocol (bone marrow autologous stem cell treatment)

Just as the ground gets prepared for the sowing, we prepare your body for the cells

A tailored plan, designed just for you in order to boost regeneration and improve your results

All the necessary previously accorded lab work and tests for your specific case 

We will keep for you part of your own stem cells (up to one year) for an optional a cell boost

We will stay in contact with you after your stem cell treatment, expect a great after-visit follow-up

Our Core

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Once you put your trust in our hands, we will take it as our greatest responsibility and do more than our best for your well-being


We value our patients, every decision taken is thinking in you as a whole human being with feelings, dreams and passions


We have 2 passions: patients and cells, so we do what we love and we do it well.


Good is not good enough! We thrive to exceed your expectations with unequivalent quality and patient-centered care

Dr Andrade del Cid

Dr. Gustavo Andrade Del Cid

Meet our Stem Cell

Gustavo Andrade MD – pioneer in stem cell therapy

For more than 15 years, Dr Andrade, a physician with 40+ years of experience, has worked in the field of Stem Cell Therapy with outstanding results, of which his patients share their testimonials in this web. Owing to the success of his practice, Dr. Andrade’s patients come to him mostly through other patients’ referral from all over the world.  

This success stories and our patients’ feedback and testimonials allows us to confidently provide unique Stem Cell treatment in Tijuana, Mexico.

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