Stem Cell Therapy for
eye disease

How can i be helped by stem cell therapy for eye disease?

Patty J. recovered color vision just 24 hours after stem cell therapy in Mexico for macular degeneration.

Macular degeneration is a terrible and progressive disease that starts with changes in the center of your vision field; you may start seeing a blurred image mainly in the center of your vision field. Later, dark spots may appear, which will keep getting worse by losing color vision, to the point where you can get completely blinded.

The bottom of your eye is called the retina. The retina is an extension of your nervous system—fun fact: the retina is the red-eye you can see when a picture with flash is taken. So, the retina is the only part of the nervous system that can be seen from the exterior.

In the past, there was the idea between scientists that the nervous system could not be regenerated after damage, but some years ago, it changed completely. Stem cell therapy with mesenchymal stem cells has shown to renew, replace, and restore parts of the nervous system damaged, defective, or even dead.

The good news here is that (I know that by this point, you know it) stem cells can help to recover vision by regenerating the retina cells in your eyes. Virtually any eye disease caused by damage to the retina can be improved by applying the right stem cells, with the right technique, into the right place.

That is exactly what happened with Patty J. We prepared her body for the stem cells first with intravenous nutrients, peptones, detox, vitamins, and minerals. Then, we potentiated the stem cell reproduction in her own body by providing powerful growth factors. At the right moment, we extracted the stem cells from her bone marrow (mesenchymal stem cells). Then, we prepared the stem cells, and they were injected into the optic nerve and retina by a highly skilled and experienced ophthalmologist in a surgery room.

Twenty-four hours later, she recovered vision color, and you can see her daughter at the end of the video, very happy with the result.

If you have blurred vision, partial blindness, or any eye disease like macular edema, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, contact us to know if you are a candidate to receive our stem cell therapy for eye disease. A stem cell doctor will be answering your questions and explaining every detail.

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