I'm Dr. Gustavo Andrade, a stem cell therapy expert for the last 15 years. Founder of XTEMCELL - helping people from all over the world recover from diseases beyond help and, after some years of practice, I experienced the miracle of stem cells in myself. This is my story...

In 2012, I had a terrible stroke that left me paralyzed from the left half of my body, and I could not walk or move my left limb, not even a bit. After 20 days, I asked my own stem cell doctors’ team to use the stem cell therapy I developed.

I have a great small group of doctors, brilliant and highly skilled, that has helped me with most of my patients since I started developing this technique: an anesthesiologist, a surgeon, a general doctor, and me.

Immediately after I was treated with stem cells, I started to recover the function of my hand and legs. It was a great moment when I experienced the joy that my patients feel after getting the therapy. It was a beautiful moment.

Since then, every time a patient thank me for the results, I really understand their joy and receive it with great honor. I still get chills every time a patient walk, see or move again.

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My mission is to help people without hope
to recover from diseases beyond help.

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Why is this the best stem cell therapy?

We have been developing and perfected this stem cell therapy in Mexico in the last 15 years, benefiting hundreds of patients. As I was trained in a holistic clinic for 25 years, attending more than 35 thousand patients, I learned to see the patients as a whole body and not just one medical condition.

Thanks to this, I provide the patients with more than just stem cell therapy; I will prepare your whole body for stem cells as you have to prepare the soil before the sow.

The best seeds will fail to thrive in the wrong environment. Therefore, I will make your body suitable for receiving the stem cells. That way, we can achieve the best results.

How do you prepare my body for stem cells?

First, we will detox your body with multiple intravenous solutions; once cleaned, I will give you a high dose of nutrients, peptones, vitamins, and minerals to nourish your body at a cellular level.

After this, you will receive growth factors to potentiate the stem cell reproduction inside your body.

You will have optimal levels of stem cells by the third day. There is when I harvest the stem cells from your own body and prepare them for the transplant into the affected areas (these areas vary from patient to patient). Some areas of application are: intravenously, in the joints, in muscles or tendons, around nerves, and even in the cerebrospinal fluid.

After this painless procedure, I will keep nourishing your body with multiple nutrients because the stem cells are now repairing and regenerating your tissues; you might start feeling very positive changes by this time.

And this is just the beginning of your recovery journey. A close follow-up will be going on for the following months, and in the third month, we will apply a second dose of stem cells, which is part of the same treatment protocol.

What does this stem cell protocol may include?

  • Two stem cell applications in the required areas.
  • Physiotherapy during your visits and follow-up online for three months.
  • Nutritional consultation focused on stem cell potentiation and follow-up for three months.
  • Intravenous cellular nutrition and detox therapies.
  • Blood work and image studies before and after the procedure, if necessary.
  • Tumor markers panel.
  • Hotel room for five days in your first visit and one day in your second visit, at the Grand Hotel Tijuana.
  • Shuttle service from the San Diego U. S. border to the clinic and back.

What are the side effects of your stem cell therapy?

I am very proud that none of my patients have ever had an accident, infection, complication, or severe side effects by the stem cell therapy I provide; this is because of the technique we practice.

I use a closed technique, where the stem cells are NEVER exposed to the ambient, and the whole procedure is performed in a sterile environment, a surgical room, with top-quality materials. That is why I injected my own stem cells into my own cerebral-spinal fluid, confident that we have the best techniques.